It’s been years since the Casumo Book Lover’s Cafe was closed down in our city. I was still in high school then. As near as I can figure, it closed down due to poor management. A lot of the staff also went away to work at other branches. And some of them now manage their own branches.

But now, a new branch of the Casumo Book Lover’s Cafe has been opened. To say I’m hyped is putting it lightly. And the book loving group of people here at the city are likewise hyped. This is going to be a new start for us.

As it turned out, the new Casumo BL Cafe was run by a staff from the old branch. Her name was Haley, and she used to work as a Barista-Librarian. I’m sure some of you out there have not heard of that. Anyhow, a Barista-Librarian is one who knows his books as well as his coffee. Or, in this case, “her”. We should make use of the right pronouns in this case.

Branch Manager-Librarian

At the time the old Casumo BL Cafe was on its last legs, Haley moved out to a new branch. She worked her way up. First, she became a Manager-Librarian. Then she became a Branch Manager-Librarian.

After a few years, she had enough to take care of her own branch. She made a request at the main Casumo BL Cafe office and got approval.

So, here she was again. If we believe her words, this city has always been her home. That’s why she wanted to move back here. And what better way to make a return? She missed the group of book lovers in this city. Thus, the Casumo BL Cafe opens its doors here once again.

Not much has changed, as far as it went. Of course, the Casumo BL Cafe was given a new look. This was so it matched the new theme of the other branches. Truckloads of books came into the branch. Now, they’re stacked on the shelfs. Not to mention, a lot of them are really new.

There’s some books by Conn Iggulden, Naomi Novik, and Sophie Hannah. Hannah’s books at the Casumo BL Cafe were the new Poirot ones. The ones commissioned by the Christie estate. Haven’t read any of those yet, but I hear they are quite good.

There are also some nice books on film. A staff at the Casumo BL Cafe recommended the one on Zatoichi. He looked like a fan of those types of movies. And I must say, I’m right there with him.

One day, I got a surprise while going into the Casumo BL Cafe. I met up again with one of my college crushes, Casey. She used to be one of the most popular girls at college. She’s still a sight to behold, even now. I was glad to know that she still remembers me. Maybe I still have a chance to get on a date with her. Who knows? I sure won’t—not until I try.