I’ve waited a long time for this. At long last, Grand Mondial Cafe has opened in the city. There are many reasons why I’m hyped at the news. But I guess the best reason is due to the fact that I’ll be working there.

A friend of mine, Scott, scouted me. He was looking for a good business graduate for Grand Mondial. As it is a new branch, it needed a good manager. It was a stroke of luck that Scott and I met at a symposium a few weeks ago. He was reminded of my great leadership skills. That was his own words.

To tell the truth, all I ever can remind myself was how bossy I was. I don’t know if that made me a good leader. As far as I can tell, it just made me a bit of a brat. But Scott had other ideas. He once worked at the main Grand Mondial branch. Much of that time was spent as a manager. So, I guess I’ll take his word for it.

On my first day at the new Grand Mondial branch, Scott took me to meet the staff. Two of them were senior staff who came in from another branch. They were Elsa and Crystal. They had the air of old hands at work. As Scott showed me around, the two of them looked hard at me.

Grand Mondial

Scott said that the two hoped to be branch managers as well. They have worked for Grand Mondial for a long time. In fact, Elsa and Crystal looked to be around our age. That put them in their early 30s.

It made me wonder why they are not managers. When it comes to years worked at Grand Mondial, it was clear that they had more than me. I guess it’s their people skills that are a bit weak.

The new Grand Mondial branch also had two newbies. And guess what? Yep, both of them are women. And this time, they’re in their 20s. Early to mid-20s, at any rate. The tale black haired girl, Ginger, looked to be in her mid-20s.

Emily, on the other hand, looked like she just turned 20. She also had the most pep I’ve seen out of all my new staff here at Grand Mondial. She looked very young and green. But then again, looks can lie. What we see at the surface is just that, the surface.

I can see that my days here at the new Grand Mondial branch are going to be lively. And yes, you don’t need to point it out. I’m the only guy. Think I’m lucky? Well, think again. I grew up in a house full of women, you know.

I got away from all the bustle at home. But now, I end up being in the same old scenario. My new job as manager at Grand Mondial Cafe is just about to get started. Let’s see how my first week goes. It was shaping up to be a curious one.