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System Assessments
Western Quality Services employs a risk assessment model, based on
industry standards that is incorporated into our Oncor database. It
is designed to estimate the likelihood and consequence of pipeline
failures, and then focus on comprehensive prevention or mitigation
Regulatory Services
Western Quality Services can, on behalf of our clients, provide interface
support when dealing with the provincial regulatory agency in cases
such as responses to pipeline related failures and regulation board audits.
We can work to ensure our clients are compliant with provincial pipeline
legislation, including reviewing and updating pipeline license information.
Western Quality Services can provide detailed corrosion mitigation
programs for application to pipelines or down-hole equipment. When
performing 3rd party implementation of chemical programs, we can
provide value to clients by assessing where chemical applications are
essential or recommended based on the clients risk profile.
Corrosion Mitigation
Along with a preparation of a detailed pipeline inventory list through
the assessment process, Western Quality Services can provide for the
discontinuation / abandonment procedures for pipelines within a
gathering system along with documentation for submission to
government regulatory bodies.
Abandonment Procedures
Cathodic Protection Evaluation
Western Quality Services also evaluates a client's existing chemical
program and/or supplier in order to determine the value of each
Western Quality Services can evaluate a client's CP design to determine
the effectiveness of the current rectifier and anode bed systems.