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Field Core
Western Quality Services can provide Ultrasonic Examination,Magnetic Particle
Examination, Liquid Penetrant Examination and Magnetic Flux Leakage (Tank Floor
Scanning) for facility turnarounds and examinations of equipment repairs. All NDT
services are performed by experienced and qualified technicians and most technicians
are dual certified in NDE and API/PESL certifications.
Western Quality Services specializes in performing high quality, efficient and cost
effective corrosion surveys on pressure equipment. Corrosion Surveys are performed
by experienced and qualified inspectors using our Field-Core mobile database. Visual
External Examinations are performed by, or under the supervision of Alberta
In-Service Inspectors. All equipment inspected undergoes multiple stages of quality
assurance prior to a final assessment being performed. All relevant historical
documents (such as MDR's) are gathered to complete the file and remain within our
Oncor 2010 database for future reference.
Non-Destructive Testing
Ultrasonic Corrosion Surveys
On-Stream Inspection